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Native grape varieties and vine biodiversity to cope with climate change and market evolution

Training course organised by Vittorio Tadini Training Centre and the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart

Autochthonous vines represent not only an opportunity to differentiate themselves on the market and enhance local production, but also a genetic heritage in which to seek new solutions to climate change. In this context, the course we are proposing aims to provide the territory with an overview of the potential of local native grape varieties, both major and minor, as well as their susceptibility to environmental pressures and abiotic stresses.

Course structure

The course consists of 7 appointments in the Piacenza area from January to February, which can be attended in person and online. All stages of the course will consist of a lecture, followed by a round table discussion moderated by an expert on the subject and a tasting of commercial and/or experimental wines produced from the grape varieties covered in the course.

Also available online, the training course is 90% financed by the Emilia-Romagna Region and reserved for regional agricultural operators (farmers, employees, assistants, etc.).


1. Late frosts: typologies, susceptibility of the varieties of Piacenza, prevention and contrast techniques. Wine tasting technique: varietal aspects linked to the main indigenous grape varieties
With Stefano Poni, Tommaso Frioni, Milena Lambri – UCSC 11/1/2022 16:00

2. Aromatic Malvasia di Candia, vineyard management to maximise the potential of the variety

With Matteo Gatti, Silvia Pagani, Round table with Stefano Pizzamiglio – La Tosa 13/1/2022 16:00

3. Designing vineyard planting in relation to climate change: choice of site, new rootstocks, tolerant and resistant vines, forms of cultivation and planting layout
WithTommaso Frioni, Silvia Pagani and Roberto Miravalle – Centro di Formazione Vittorio Tadini 19/1/2022 16:00

4. Drought, water shortage and summer stress: susceptibility of varieties from Piacenza and adaptation techniques
With Tommaso Frioni, Alberto Vercesi – UCSC 26/1/2022 16:00

5. From Ervi, new opportunities for red wines from Piacenza
With Matteo Gatti, Tommaso Frioni, Roberto Miravalle, Round table with Andrea Illari - Az. Vitivinicola Villa Rosa 3/2/2022 16:00

6. Getting to know the minor native grape varieties of Piacenza, to understand their characteristics, potential and the possibility of using them in local denominations
With Tommaso Frioni, Silvia Pagani, Round table with  Marco Profumo, Marco Lusignani, Paolo Loschi, Fabrizio Camorali - Mossi 1558 8/2/2022 16:00

7. Perspectives and new horizons for Colli Piacentini DOC wines
With Matteo Gatti, Round table with Marco Profumo Consortium Colli Piacentini 16/2/2022 16:00

The course is aimed at entrepreneurs, partners, employees and assistants of agricultural companies registered in the regional register of Emilia Romagna agricultural company. The course may also be attended by participants who intend to pay the full cost of the course on their own.

Info and enrolment: info[@] (0523 52.42.50) or tommaso.frioni[@]

Published on: 12/07/2021
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